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Why is everyone talking about digital compliance? It is probably the most sought after list of regulations when it comes to setting up a business. Understanding the compliance services and the regulations behind the industry specific digital compliance is key. With the right consultant in place, you have the right goals in place to be compliant clear in any industry you are entering. With our consulting experts, you have clarity on the kinds of rules to be followed and the restrictions in place.


PCI DSS Certification

The payment card industry – data security standard is one of the strongest evolution in the payment industry. A PCI DSS certification is an absolute mandate in the payment processing industry both in the payment processing aspect as well as the retail end. There are strict processes to be followed in proprietary information security standard and it serves to be a huge advantage whilst maintaining payment security. With these PCI security standards in place, you can be assured of understanding the needs of the industry like never before.


Probably, one of the most stringent and serious requirements in the world of software vendors and payment applications. Apart from being one of the most followed global security standards, it is also mandatory from the payment card industry security standards council. PA-DSS is followed across the world and an application has to be implemented into this payment application data security standard to be accepted on many platforms.

‎ISO 22301

Irrespective of the size or nature of your organisation, ISO 22301 can be implemented to it. It is a process that helps you plan, establish, implement, operate, monitor, review, maintain and continually improve a set documented management system. It is a business continuity management system that is followed the world over and reduces the risk of disruptive incidents. The requirements specified are independent of the nature of business or the size of the establishment.


The health insurance portability and accountability act puts across a compliance against sensitive patient data protection. HIPAA is an ideal compliance need for companies that deal with protected health information. In complete HIPAA compliance validation, you would have complete physical, network and process these security measures. With such a compliance in place, you are aware of the kind of practices that have to be followed and how you can achieve a level of core competence.


You require a complete framework that would be able to assess the level of risk and the kind of policies and operational procedures that are mandatory. The HITRUST framework establishes the security safeguards that have to be applied and the necessary requirements in the healthcare environment. With health information systems and exchanges in place, you require a robust mechanism to ensure complete protection at every level.  Such a system is a must in the industry today and would give you the scalability to rise to multiple levels in the industry.


MPAA ensures compliance at its absolute top level when it comes to securely storing, processing and delivering protected media and content. It is a mandate for a media company to measure risk and security of content and infrastructure. It is the best practice in the field of media management and production. With the MPAA guidelines, you are able to augment the risk that is present and plan for a secure infrastructure.

‎ISO 17021

The ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 is required for any audit team that has specific knowledge on an industry. The biggest difference is that this requires knowledge on many skill sets. You need to have an equal understanding on quality management systems, an approach on risk based thinking and processed approach. Apart from this a concept of quality and the seven quality management principles. It is a robust feature in any organisation. With expert consultants, you would be able to achieve this with clear goals in place.


Enabling the FedRAMP compliance in your organisation undoubtedly one of the toughest authorisation processes to be followed. It is directed by US Federal agencies and is in place when accessing cloud computing products and services. The Federal risk and authorisation management program is used extensively in the Federal agencies to keep data protected over the cloud computing network and requires high quality measures that can be attained only with the help of expert consultants.

‎PSS Act

The payments and settlements act was setup by the RBI and provides for the regulation and supervision of any payment systems in India. This designates the RBI as the authority for all payment related matters. The PSS act has been set up by the Indian board and provides the legal basis for netting and settlement finality. Implementing a compliance of this level requires a set of quality experts to understand and implement in any financial organisation.


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