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In the information technology industry, there is a lot of focus on estimation, management, deployment and execution. Having the right IT consultant would help you understand the requirements for your organisation and the prerequisites that would play a strong role in India. A strong level of expertise is required in the field of IT management consulting services and that is exactly what you get from our line of expert professionals.

ISMS Certification

A compliance that provides international recognition in the line of auditing, this certification gives you an edge if you conduct information security management system using ISO 27000: 2013 or any other such quality management system. An ISMS certification helps by systematically handling a company’s sensitive information. ISMS minimize risk and boosts business continuity. ISO/IEC 27001 is a must in many auditing organisations around the world.

Business Continuity Management System

A framework is always required in a successful business to identify the possible threats possible with data breach or any form of business recovery. Any situation of disaster recovery, crisis management or even incident management would be included in this. Having ISO 22301: 2012 Societal security will give you clarity when it comes to contingency planning and enable your firm to manage risks and be better prepared. BCM or Business continuity management system would give your stronger control over the way your business is protected.

Systems and Software Engineering

Systems and software engineering compliance gives you a clear idea on the management requirements for the life cycle of a website – including the design, testing and even the strategy that is being implemented on the website. The ISO/IEC 23026:2015 gives you a idea of the consistent and efficient technology to show information and communications technology. There’s a lot of focus on life-cycle documentation for systems and software. Keeping these procedures and processes in place would be an absolute must for your business. With our expert business consultants, you would be able to achieve your goals on system compliance with ease.

IT Risk Management Services

In today’s highly paced IT industry, it is only mandatory that you have a compliance in place for all your processes and procedures. With IT risk management services, you are on track to keep all your deliverables in place in the event of a new process being implemented. That is why IT risk management as per ISO 31000:2009 is a must to be followed, as it reduces any chance of a new process being implemented in a wrong fashion. Tested all over the world, it is an absolute must for your IT organisation.

Compliance Audits Certification

Having a complete check on the compliance’s you have on board can be quite a tough task. There are plethora of points to regulate with and each of them require a lot of scrutiny and attention. When you have the best experts in compliance audits certifications, you can be assured of getting the best results possible. The most important aspect is to have IT compliance audits with regards to guidelines from regulatory bodies certification and ensure that it is constantly maintained. This is not very easy and requires a great deal of attention and requires a very process oriented approach – precisely where your experts come into the picture.

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Having a vulnerability assessment is a perfect practice to understand the potential gaps that could be exploited in your working environment. This could be physical, IT, network or even social engineering security. When you identify such vulnerabilities, it is a must that you understand how to block them and stop a possible attack. Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing would be the easiest way to get perspective on the kinds of gaps that exist in a system and how a hacker could penetrate into the system. VA & PT consulting services would give you a competitive edge it today’s market.

E-Commerce Website Security Testing

E-commerce has become the most important vertical to any business today. Over the last few years, it has become the backbone in multiple industries and it comes as no surprise that we are able to depend on it completely for many of our daily needs. In such a scenario, it is of prime importance to have e-commerce website security testing to ensure zero data loss and no gaps in website operation.  It is definitely a tough task and many e-com regulatory boards have this as a mandate in their setup. If you have a business that sells online, you need to have this a setup to get this compliance in place.

Log Analysis Services

Every network or computer in an IT system would have records that set up trail records or logs. This documents the system activities and helps in the evaluation of records used by the organisations. This could help to mitigate a variety of risk and gaps and thus help setup compliance regulations. Log analysis services creates a set of several messages that are arranged and stored on a disk, this can be normalized to avoid confusion and hence can be analysed to detect patterns. Such a compliance requires a high level of understanding and expert guidance.

Malware and Network Analysis Services

Keeping your entire system free from a malware attack is not easy. There’s a lot that has to be done and unless you understand the gaps in running this, you are always asking for trouble. A malware analysis and network analysis services would give you complete understanding on the IT risks that are at hand and how you can counter them with simple processes. A compliance of this sort gives you a clear understanding of your next steps and what should be done to counter such gaps in the malware attacks or network analysis.

Network Forensic Investigation Services

There are plenty of challenges when it comes to the security in a virtual network. Based on the existing framework in your business, you need to understand the different virtualisation techniques that can be adapted and how they can fit into your set up. When you have a digital or computer forensic department, you would need to analyse the possible loopholes in the system and how you can provide better service to your customers. A computer and network forensic investigation would give you a clear idea and our expert consultants would be able to guide you on a network forensic investigation services easily.


The PCI security standards council makes it mandatory for a structured process to be adapted for a security solution provider and hence to become an approved scanning vendor (ASV). This is a process that has to be done every year. This is possible only when a PCI ASV scan is done and all the data security scanning is endorsed. A PCI ASV scan service can be done to ensure that all the approved scanning vendors are in compliance with the regulatory requirements and are adhered to.

Network Security Layout Review

Any organisation’s network infrastructure grows over multiple changes and reviews. This is a constant change over years and is a direct response to the needs of the business world. Network security is as important as it can get and deviations from the industry best practices hurt bad. With a network security layout review, you are able to get a complete idea on any change being implemented. With such a review, you would be able to take a tactical view on any change being made on your network.

Web Application Security Testing

Web applications are the first target when there’s an attack on your enterprise. There are so many ways to bring down the application and its functionality. That is one of the reasons you just need to focus on the web application security testing at all times. It gives you complete reasoning behind the threats that are present on the web app and how you can overcome it. It does not always mean to be the easiest task at hand, but it will always help you have a safer and more secure network.

Source Code Review Services

Source code review services will assess the security of your application by examining the source code. With our experts, you would be able to assess the people, the processes and the technology that has been used to implement your solution. Our trained experts would help you identify the critical flaws that are present and understand the root cause of each of these flaws – enabling you to realign your efforts into fixing them.

VOIP and Wi-Fi Audits

Having a protected VOIP and Wi-Fi goes a long way in the progress of your business. It is absolutely mandatory for critical IT and other industry projects. With expert guidance, you can have VOIP and Wi-Fi security audits conducted to ensure your business is protected at all times. Voice over internet protocol is a regular in most firms and unless you have wireless network audits, you can have severe security breaches. Our expert consultants would help you understand the VOIP and Wi-Fi audits that are mandatory for your business and help achieve a secure network.

Mainframe Systems Audit

With a mainframe system audit, you would be able to judge the level of security of any computer within your organisation. The mainframe systems security audit is a series of checks that collectively ascertain that there are physical safeguards, risks and procedures in place to ensure a safe operating system. This mainframe security audit will review the activity that takes place on a computer and even include penetration testing in case there is any entry into the system without authorization.

SCADA System Security Audit

Supervisory control and data acquisition systems are being constantly upgraded from traditional protocol methods to IP based systems. Modern SCADA systems have gaps in security just like any other IP system. This is the reason why a SCADA system security audit is a must to understand the threats in your business under SCADA and how you have to realign the components in your framework from a disaster situation. Our experts would be able to guide you on the ever changing requirements and how you can control security on your system.

Android and IOS Application Testing

The world is built on android and iOS apps today and with it comes a huge breach of security. There are gaps present on every platform that can bring about a security threat in your business. With Android & iOS application security testing, you would be able to cover any possible risks in your business and be able to control your framework around it. Right from the code to the entire install process, our consultants would be able to hand hold you throughout.

Desktop Security Audit

Every organisation has a set of desktop applications that require constant security monitoring. With several apps and services on our desktops, there is a threat at all times. With desktop application security testing, you are sure of having a completely safe network at all times. Any of the desktop application audits would help you understand the gaps and the kind of threats that are present. With our expert guidance, you would be able to secure your desktop network at all times.

IT Security Services

With all of our information services depending on cloud services, there comes a severe threat to our businesses as well. It is an absolute mandate to have your IT security services covered all ends and that can only be done with a complete audit on your network. IT security services will help you understand the right cloud security services that you must adopt and the gaps that are present in the system. Our experts would be able to guide you on the best practices on cyber security services too.


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